Golden Visa


The Portuguese Golden visas offer residency to foreigners, who invest in properties, set up tech companies and create new jobs. A residency in Portugal permits one to travel throughout the whole Schengen Area and further.

The Golden Visa Scheme is a residency program aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal. It is a fast-track method for non-EU members and their family members to obtain Residency Permits in Portugal, with no direct tax implications/obligations for income generated outside Portugal.

Golden Visa Scheme Portugal - what you need to know before you apply.

When commencing the property search, we can introduce you to a lawyer or help find one you are comfortable with to discuss in-depth questions about your personal Golden Visa application. Your lawyer, will assist you in setting up a Portuguese bank account and tax number to start the application process once the property purchase is complete.

If purchasing a property you will be eligible for the Golden Visa under No.1 – Property investment. With over 30 years of property and construction experience in Algarve, we are able to search and secure perfect property for you. Save time and effort whilst we take the strain out of the search and draw up a short list of suitable properties. We have off market private listings of the finest properties to find the perfect fit.  We not only take care of the search and purchase, we can provide information and advice for all aspects of life in the region such as; where to eat, schooling, medical care, entertainment, shopping and leisure activities. 


How to qualifiy for a Golden Visa

1. Invest in Property

When you invest at least €500,000  into a property, you can apply immediately for the Golden Visa. This does not necessarily need to be one property, it can be spread over several properties and also includes co-ownership of properties.

If you invest minimum €350,000 into a property (residential, commercial, land, etc) which was built more than 30 years ago, the price for the renovations can be included in the total investment amount. The application for the Golden Visa can be done before the renovation works are finished but it is mandatory to provide the building contract that proves payment of the first invoices, and proof of application of a building license to the local city hall.

2. Invest in Capital

Capital investment of at least 1.000.000 euro

Capital investment of at least 500.000 euro for acquisition of participation units in investment funds, or for capitalization of small and medium size companies.

Capital investment of at least 350.000 euro for research activities carried out by the national scientific and technological system.

Capital investment of at least 250.000 euro to support artistic production/recovery/maintenance of national cultural heritage.


3. Create Jobs 

Create a minimum of 10 jobs. To gain a golden visa through the employment route, you must create at least 10 local jobs for a period of at least five years. This requirement is reduced by 20% if jobs are created in an area of low population density.* In this instance, only 8 jobs would need to be created.

There are no restrictions on the types of jobs that you may create. The jobs can be in any area of business, and may be created by any size and type of business.

There is no minimum investment amount in the creation of jobs (for example, training and equipment costs). However, the minimum monthly wage in Portugal in 2017 is €649.83, which equates to €7,797.00 annually. So, creating 10 jobs for a period of five years will require a minimum investment of at least €389,900 (or €311,920 for 8 jobs).

Benefits of the Golden Visa

You, your spouse and your dependent children can live, work and attend schools / universities in Portugal;
• You can rent out the property you bought! Average rental income is at least 4% of the value of the property;
• Visa-free travel to the Schengen countries;
• No extra tax on your income either in your home country or any other country;
• No maximum age limit;
• No maximum residency requirement;
• You don’t need to reside in Portugal;• Permanent residence after five years; and
• Option to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years.